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Policy Partnership policy

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6. Who is responsible for delivering this policy

The following list describes what each group or person is responsible for:

Audit and governance committee

  • to formally approve the partnership policy and guidance
  • to monitor the council’s partnerships to be reported to them once a year

Strategic management team (SMT) (includes chief executive, strategic leads and service leads)

  • to ensure partnerships are appropriate and managed and resourced effectively and in accordance with the partnership policy and guidance
  • to report to the audit and governance committee as necessary

Deputy chief executive

  • to ensure the council manages partnerships effectively using the partnership policy and guidance
  • to identify, assess any new partnerships the council enters into

Strategic Leads and Service Leads

  • firstly, to identify and asses new partnerships and ensure that they are entered onto the system
  • secondly, to manage, review and report on (or delegate the management, review and reporting of) partnerships effectively in their service areas

Responsible officers

  • enter new partnerships on the system if not entered by the HOS
  • monitor their partnerships that they are responsible for i.e. ensure any performance and status information is up-to-date
  • work to deadlines for updating when a review of the partnership register is required

Member partnership representative (from the audit and governance committee)

  • to liaise with management Information officer regarding the status of the partnership register
  • To present the annual partnership report to the audit and governance committee

Management information officer

  • to liaise with member partnership representative regarding the status of the partnership register
  • to ensure responsible officers know the deadlines for updating
  • to send emails to responsible officers to remind them to update the system
  • collate and produce annual reports for SMT and the audit and governance committee - plus produce any other reports required

Managers and other employees

  • to comply with the Partnership Policy and Guidance.


  • to carry out audits of the partnership register in order check that the policy and guidance is being adhered to and the framework is appropriate