Our annual service plans detail what will be delivered in each service area. They provide information about the service and what it aims to achieve in the current financial year. They also set out service challenges for the next three years, emerging risks, staffing and training and any equalities actions to be achieved. 

The progress of the service plan objectives is reported on quarterly through our performance reporting pages

2020/21 service plans

Countryside and Arts 20/21

Environmental Health and Car parks 20/21

Finance and Prosperity 20/21

Governance and Licensing 20/21

Growth, development and prosperity service 20/21

Housing 20/21

Organisational Development and Transformation 20/21

Planning and Planning Policy Service 20/21

Place, assets and commercialisation service 20/21

Streetscene 20/21

2019/20 service plans

Countryside and Arts 19/20

Economy and Regeneration Services 19/20

Environmental Health and Car parks 19/20

Finance 19/20

Governance and Licensing 19/20

Growth Point Team 19/20

Housing 19/20

Organisational Development and Transformation 19/20

Planning and Planning Policy Service 19/20

Property and Estates Service 19/20

Streetscene 19/20

2018/19 service plans

Countryside and Arts 18/19

Economy and Regeneration Services 18/19

Environmental Health and Car parks 18/19

Finance 18/19

Governance and Licensing 18/19

Growth Point Team 18/19

Housing 18/19

Organisational Development, Transformation and Equalities 18/19

Planning and Planning Policy Service 18/19

Streetscene 18/19

2017/18 service plans

Countryside and Arts 17/18

Economy and Regeneration Services 17/18

Environmental Health and Car parks 17/18

Finance 17/18

Governance and Licensing 17/18

Growth Point Team 17/18

Housing 17/18

Organisational Development, Transformation and Equalities 17/18

Planning and Planning Policy Service 17/18

Property & Estates Services 17/18

Streetscene 17/18


If you wish to view older copies of our service plans please email