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4. Single Person Discount review

Thank you for validating your Single Person Discount entitlement.

Please complete the online form  to confirm the current details of your household.

Please let us know immediately if/when these details change. If you claim a discount which you are not entitled to a £70 penalty may be imposed and you will be asked to repay the discount.

If you have any questions about the review your answer may be in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Why carry out this review?

East Devon District Council is committed to minimising the harm fraud causes within our local community. Every pound lost through fraud cannot be spent on providing public services. 

Each year £8.6 million is awarded to residents in East Devon by way of a single person Council Tax discount. Based on Audit Commission research up to 5% of these discounts may be incorrectly claimed and in East Devon this could equate to up to £385,000 each year.

The last time we did this review in 2015/16 an additional £182,295.28 per year was identified in Council Tax revenue which helped to protect services in the difficult financial climate

The review is being jointly funded by East Devon District Council, Devon County Council, Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Authority which is where your Council Tax goes.