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3. Council Tax FAQs

Popular questions about Council Tax.

  1. I have been affected financially by COVID-19
  2. I've forgotten my user name/password for my online account. How can I get it reset?
  3. Why does my bill say that I owe money not included in this bill?
  4. How can I pay my Council Tax?
  5. What does Council Tax pay for? Who to speak to about the police/fire/parish charges
  6. Who can I speak to regarding the police/fire/parish charges?Who is my District Councillor?
  7. How do I contact my Parish Clerk?
  8. Are there any Council Tax discounts or exemptions available?
  9. My property is empty, why do I have to pay Council Tax?
  10. How much is my next Council Tax instalment?
  11. Can I pay my Council Tax over 12 months? My bill shows 10 monthly instalments
  12. What is the Council Tax premium?
  13. I am experiencing financial hardship due to the coronavirus and have Council Tax to pay - what can I do?
  14. Why do I have to pay my Council Tax on certain dates?
  15. How can I tell you that I am moving?
  16. Can I pay at the bank without a giro slip?
  17. Is there a fee to pay at the Post Office or Payzone?
  18. My Council Tax band is too high, what can I do about it?
  19. What is the Council Tax band of a property in your area?
  20. I have an issue with the roads. Who can I report it to?
  21. How is the Council Tax spent?
  22. Who is responsible for paying Council Tax and what if my bill is wrong?
  23. Council Tax scams
  24. What is the Adult Social Care element used for?