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    Learn how to weave willow with Richard from Windrush Willow.

    £45.00 per adult.

    There are no places available.

  2. -

    Celebrate the amazing heaths - Exmouth's natural playground!.

    £5.00 per family group, suggested donation.

  3. -

    A Heath Week event with Devon Orienteering club.

    £3.00 suggested donation per child.

  4. -

    Explore this magical heathland at night.

    Free for adults.

    Free for children.

    Currently there are 4 places available


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    Explore and play in Stafford Brook the little stream that runs through the wetlands.

    £4.00 per child.

    Currently there are 20 places available


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    Discover the amazing life of these birds who make the heathlands their summer home. .

    £4.00 per adult.

    £4.00 per child.

    Currently there are 10 places available