The Knapp at Sidmouth incorporates a meadow, woodland and an orchard - perfect for an amble, a picnic or for children to play. The woodland was planted with interesting trees such as Wild Service, Ash, Iak and other native species. The grassland area is cut for hay once a year in late summer. This encourages a range of wildflowers to establish, and is a good habitat for small mammals and invertebrates, especially crickets and grasshoppers. There is a large Badger sett in the bramble patch with unused holes on some of the grassy areas. The Badgers appear to mainly use the main sett in the woodland area but there is evidence that they use the orchard for foraging. 

There is also a small pond at the southern edge of the grassland which provides a breeding place for Frogs in spring, as well as attracting a multitude of Dragonflies and Damselflies. The nature reserve covers just over 3.4 hectares of land.

Check the East Devon conservation volunteers page for details of practical conservation opportunities at the Knapp.

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The entrance to the Knapp is on Station Road, Sidmouth, between Alexandria Road and Dean's Mead. There is pedestrian access from Peaslands Knapp.


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Best time to visit

Late summer and autumn are good times to come and pick blackberries or collect sloes to make jam or countryside wines.

Opening times

All East Devon District Council nature reserves are open free of charge to the public at all times.

Walking information

There is a tarmac track leading from the Station Road entrance to the edge of the woodland and grass tracks are mown through the meadow during the summer. A circular track leads around the inner edge of the woodland with a central track bisecting the area. These are unsurfaced, and can get muddy and slippery after rain.


Dogs are welcome at the nature reserve, but please keep them under close control and clean up after them.