The role of tree warden was created by the Tree Council in 1987 in response to the Great Storm. It's a national initiative to enable people to play an active role in conserving and enhancing their local trees and woods.

Most of the parishes in East Devon already have one or more tree wardens but there are some gaps. Any potential tree wardens are encouraged to get in touch with us or their local town or parish council to find out if the tree warden role is vacant.

There's no set job description for tree wardens - what they do varies from parish to parish, depending on the individual's strengths and interests. Some carry out tree surveys to generate a tree register for the parish and some go into schools to talk about trees and engage local children or lead a tree planting project. On the other hand, a tree warden may simply be a designated person who will react to tree issues when they occur within their parish.

We send out information to the tree wardens from the Tree Council and other arboricultural organisations.

Please contact the Countryside team for more information, Email: or Phone: 01395 517557