This is a great opportunity to learn about water voles, enjoy your local rivers and help conserve the wildlife which lives in and around them.

Water vole numbers were at an all time low in 2007 due to habitat loss and predation by the American mink. Through a series of habitat restoration works, water vole reintroductions and a network of mink monitoring rafts, the Devon Water Vole Recovery Project has helped this endearing species to re-establish a foothold in the county.

A network of 180 floating rafts are in place in the rivers and streams of East Devon and further afield. These contain a tray of clay which reveals the footprints of any creatures that have recently passed through. We need volunteer help to check rafts in the lower Axe valley area (Seaton to Colyford), identifying and recording footprints in the clay on a weekly basis.

Due to the risk involved in working by water, you must be physically able to:

  • pull a raft out of the river
  • handle some tricky terrain
  • swim

From time to time there'll also be the chance to volunteer with other aspects of the project such as making new rafts or mixing new batches of clay.

If you are interested in helping with the project, please email the co-ordinator, Diane Berry, at