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4. Exmouth's Wild Spaces

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Ever wondered what that area was called, where that green lane ends up, how do I find my nearest dog walk, or where on earth is Denesdene Farm then this project is going to help you.  

During 2020 we will be mapping all the outdoor places, wish-ways, footpaths and cycle routes to create a fantastic map for every household in Exmouth.

We will make it easier for you to find the nearest wild spaces close to where you live, show you all the links that connect them and name some of the places that are cherished by residents.

Here is the list of sites/paths that we collated during the consultation;

  1. Denesdene Farm 
  2. Bapton Brook open space
  3. Carters Avenue
  4. Phear park
  5. East Devon Way
  6. Exe Trail
  7. Budleigh Cycle track
  8. Manor Gardens
  9. The Maer
  10. Orcombe Point
  11. Hillcrest Community Nature Reserve
  12. Knapps Cross
  13. Brixington Park
  14. Liverton Copse
  15. The Crescent
  16. Plantation Walk
  17. Maderia Walk
  18. Imperial Recreation Ground
  19. Exmouth Local Nature Reserve
  20. Foxholes open space
  21. Millenium Wood (Closed landfill site)
  22. Littleham Valley
  23. Withycombe Valley
  24. Bapton Brook Valley
  25. Exmouth Beach