About electoral services

We play a key role in elections. We are responsible for organising and conducting elections, parish polls and referenda as and when required. Our roles include dealing with the following:

  • nomination of candidates
  • production of ballot papers
  • sending of poll cards
  • hiring and inspecting polling stations
  • recruitment of polling station, postal vote and count staff
  • issuing and opening of postal votes
  • verifying and counting the votes
  • maintaining electoral statistics
  • registering people to vote including special category electors
  • conducting the annual canvass of electors
  • production and distribution of the register of electors
  • boundary reviews and the implementation of boundary changes
  • implementation of new legislation within statutory timescales


Contact Us

If you would like to contact us regarding any of the electoral services matters listed above,  please click on the blue 'start' button below and complete our online contact form. Please make sure you provide either an email address or telephone number to make sure that we can contact you as quickly as possible.