The Community Trigger is an integral part of the Anti- social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 which became law in October 2014.

Its purpose is to give victims and communities the right to request a review of their case and to bring agencies together to take a joined up, problem-solving approach to find a solution. In other words if people don’t feel that their complaints about anti social behaviour have been dealt with satisfactorily they can request a review of the case.

The relevant bodies and responsible authorities are Councils, Police, Clinical Commissioning Groups and registered providers of social housing.

In order to request such a review a threshold will have been set by the relevant bodies. In East and Mid Devon the Community Safety Partnership and both East and Mid Devon District Councils have agreed that the threshold should be three complaints about the behaviour in a 6 month period. Each complaint has to be made within one month from when the anti-social behaviour is alleged to have occurred.

How to activate the Community Trigger

In order to monitor the number of activations of the Community Trigger in this area Devon and Cornwall Police have agreed that members of the public can request  a case review by dialling the non emergency telephone number 101.

What will happen if such a request is made?

  • It will be emailed by the Police Call Handling Centre to the Anti Social Behaviour Officer for the relevant district. (In East Devon this officer is Mr David Whelan). Within 3 working days he will contact the complainant by email, phone or letter and acknowledge receipt of the request. A request will be sent at this time to the various agencies involved in the case asking for information relating to incidents etc.
  • Within 7 further working days the officer will have received all the information from the agencies involved and will consult with representatives from the responsible authorities to decide if the threshold has been met. Also to ensure that it has not been activated for any vexatious reason. Whatever the outcome the complainant will be notified by the officer.
  • Within 10 further working days and if the threshold has been met, a case review will take place and where necessary an action plan will be devised to deal with the issue.
  • Within 1 further working day the complainant will be contacted and the action plan discussed. If that person is still not satisfied they will be advised to contact the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for the area who will be the final arbiter in the process.

It should be noted that on most occasions if the threshold has been met and a case conference held then further action to tackle the issues will take place. However, there will be some occasions when all the agencies involved will agree that everything that can and should be done has been. If the Complainant is not satisfied they can appeal as stated above to the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Community Trigger Activations

The Anti- social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 requires after the end of a reporting period, the relevant bodies in a local government area must publish information which relates to that period:

Year April - March The number of applications for ASB case reviews
made to EDDC
The number of times EDDC decided that the threshold for a review was not
The number of ASB case reviews EDDC have carried out The number of ASB case reviews carried out by EDDC that have resulted in
recommendations being made
2015/2016 0 0 0 0
2016/2017 1 0 1 1
2017/2018 1 0 1 1