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Public Space Protection Orders set out requirements which apply across the whole district. These include:

  • Dog owners are required to pick up after dog, and then remove and dispose of fouling when on land which the public have access to
  • Dog owners must keep their dog(s) on a lead whilst on a public road or pavement adjacent to a road
  • Dog owners must comply with requests by an authorised Council Officer or Police Officer when asked to keep their dog on a lead in a public space
  • Dog owners are required to walk no more than 6 dogs when on land to which the public have access, with the exemption of certain working dogs.

Public Space Protection Orders also set out restrictions which apply to certain public spaces. These include:

  • Dogs are not allowed in all children’s play areas which are maintained by the Council and some other areas such as sports fields.
  • Dogs are not allowed on certain areas of the town beaches between 1 May and 30 September each year.

Seasonal beach restrictions apply in the following areas:

  • Exmouth
  • Sidmouth
  • Budleigh Salterton
  • Seaton
  • Beer

The areas covered by dog exclusions and dog on lead requirements are detailed in our Public Spaces Protection Orders 2023.

Dog byelaw incidents

Please report a dog byelaw incident.