Sometimes members of the public are involved in incidents where their dogs or other animals are bothered by other dogs.  All dog owners should be able to recognise the difference between dogs showing normal pack behaviour and dogs that are causing alarm or distress. Where an incident of dog biting occurs, or attacks on other animals, the dog warden may be able to give advice to either or both parties in order to avoid a recurrence. Where a dog has bitten a person, the victim or their representative should decide whether they wish to report the incident to the police, using the 101 service.

You can find out more information at the GOV.UK Website 

If you would like to report a nuisance dog please complete our Report a nuisance or dangerous dog form.

Prohibited dog breeds

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 states all dogs of the breed or type of Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino or Fila Brasileiro to be registered, neutered, microchipped, tattooed and insured. It is an offence to breed, sell, exchange or give away a dog of these breeds and they must have been registered by the end of November 1991. 

You can find out more information at the GOV.UK Website 

Dog barking

Barking comes naturally to dogs but constant barking or whining can be disturbing and annoying for a neighbour. In law, a barking dog can be a nuisance and the owner can be taken to court if nothing is done to stop it. You may want to consider taking your dog to training classes and make sure you stop your dog barking if you are at home. We can give advice or please see advice from DEFRA.

Worrying of livestock

If a dog worries livestock on agricultural land, its owner (or the person in control of it) could be guilty of an offence. The definition of worrying livestock includes attacking or chasing, or being at large in a field/enclosure while not on a lead or under control.