Anti-social behaviour is virtually any intimidating, nuisance, inconsiderate or threatening activity that affects your quality of life.

Examples include:

Anti-social behaviour doesn't just make life unpleasant but it has a negative effect on many people’s lives. Together with our many partner agencies such as the police, probation service, Devon Youth Service, all of whom are members of the East and Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership, we are committed to tackling such behaviour in order that East Devon continues to remain a very safe place to live, work and visit.

Our community safety and anti-social behaviour coordinator can be emailed at

Anti-social behaviour across Devon and Cornwall is now tackled in a structured manner whereby when individuals come to the attention of different agencies such as the police, district councils or housing associations, due to their anti social behaviour, they are given a letter warning them that if their behaviour does not improve the matter will be taken further.

If the behaviour does not get any better the local anti-social behaviour co-ordinator becomes involved. At this stage either another warning letter can be served by the co-ordinator on behalf of the community safety partnership or a case conference, involving all interested agencies, can be arranged. The intention of this meeting is to discuss the best way forward with that individual. The latter is generally the preferred option, rather than another letter.

At such conferences it is often agreed to make the offender the subject of an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC). This contract sets out simple conditions which the person is not expected to do, such as shout, swear, be abusive or drink alcohol in a street or public place. It is also discussed what each agency can do in order to assist that person to address their behaviour and if such interventions can be made they will be. Therefore the structure is not only about assisting the victims but also trying to help the people who are causing the problems in the hope that it will reduce or even eliminate their anti-social behaviour.

If the behaviour is particularly bad, consideration is given at the case conferences to making an application to the County Court for a Civil Injunction. If that person is due to appear at the Magistrates Court or a Crown Court for a substantive offence an application for a Criminal Behaviour Order could also be considered.

More information is available from Devon and Cornwall Neighbourhood Policing .