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3. Control of ASB and intoxicating substances PSPO consultation

Public Space Protection Order Consultation – Control of Anti-Social Behaviour & the Consumption of Intoxicating Substances

Have your say on our review of the current Public Spaces Protection Orders.

East Devon District Council has three existing Public Spaces Protection Orders which apply across the district. These include a Dog Control PSPO, Seashores and Promenades PSPO, and Control of Anti-Social Behaviour & the Consumption of Intoxicating Substances PSPO.

We are required to review each PSPO every three years and during this process we are considering some changes. We want your thoughts on the current requirements and proposed changes.   

Why are we doing this?

  • The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 requires us to review each PSPO every three years.
  • The review gives us the opportunity to propose some changes to the requirements, for example, timed dog exclusion requirements on East Devon beaches.

Main changes proposed for the Control of ASB & Consumption of Intoxicating Substances

The control of behaviours have remained the same, control of intoxicating substances, aggressive begging, urination & defecation in a public place, behaviour causing intimidation, harassment, alarm or distress, and the request for groups/individuals to disperse from the area who are causing ASB. However, whilst we’ve been doing this work it has given us the opportunity to update some of the controls in place. The main changes proposed are:

  • It is proposed to amalgamate the original order for Exmouth created in 2020 with the extension order (2021) covering the beach and estuary area creating a single PSPO for Exmouth.
  • It is proposed to tighten the control of dispersal of groups/individuals who are causing intimidation, harassment, alarm or distress so they need to leave the area and disperse from the group within the PSPO for a time specified by the authorising officer. The time specified must be less than 24 hours.
  • It is proposed to remove the PSPO control from Sidmouth as the control is no longer proportionate, it was created originally to deal with Sidmouth’s Night time and Evening alcohol related ASB along the beach front and the town centre which no longer has the problems which it historically faced.
  • It is proposed that the fixed penalty notice fine which is issued to a person for breaching a PSPO will increase from £80 to £100.

Map showing extent of PSPO

Order showing proposed changes

If you would like paper copies of specific maps or orders, please contact Environmental Health on 01395 517457.

How to have your say

If you wish to comment please email or send comments by post to Environmental Health, East Devon District Council, Blackdown House, Border Road, Heathpark Industrial Estate, Honiton, EX14 1EJ.  

Any comments received after the consultation end date of 20 November 2022 may not be taken into account.

Please note that all comments received will be published on our website and attributed to the person/organisation that submitted them, however, personal addresses, personal email addresses and personal phone numbers will be removed before publishing. By submitting your comments you are agreeing to your comments and information being used in this way.

Next steps

Once the consultation period has ended we will consider the comments made and where appropriate will amend the final Orders. The final orders will then be agreed by The Council with the intention that they will be in place before 1 May 2023.