Guide Farmers' market stalls

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2. Do I need to be food registered?

All food businesses need to be food registered. However, stalls may not need to be registered with East Devon, they may need to be registered with another council.

You must register your business with the council where you keep your stall and materials overnight. This may not be the same council where you will be trading.

The council which register you will be responsible for regularly inspecting your business, and awarding you a food hygiene rating if appropriate.

You may be inspected by a food officer at any of the venues where you trade, to check you are complying with the legislation. You should ask the inspecting officer for some evidence of the inspection, as you may need to show your home council for them to award you the food hygiene rating. Your home council can only give you a rating if they see you trading, or are given a report from another council where officers have seen you trading.