Heart of the South West Trading Standards carries out programmed inspections and sampling through the food chain, from farms to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and caterers, to ensure that the safety, composition, quality, labelling (including nutritional labelling), advertising and presentation of food is both safe and legal. These checks ensure that:

  • Consumers know what they are buying
  • Labels are truthful
  • Food products comply with legal minimum standards, where appropriate
  • Additives included in food products are within permitted levels
  • Materials and articles in contact with food are safe

In addition to inspections and sampling, they also provide advice to businesses and investigate complaints about food safety, quality and composition.


Heart of the South West Trading Standards:

Businesses can contact the service on 01392 381381 or tradingstandards@devon.gov.uk for advice.

Consumers wishing to register complaints should contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133.