You may wish to complain about the hygiene standards in a food business.

We deal with complaints about:

  • Dirty premises
  • Unhygienic practices 
  • Food that may have been contaminated or unfit to eat
  • Food containing foreign bodies, for example, insects, metal or glass
  • Food that is mouldy
  • Food sold past its use by date

Devon and Somerset County's Trading Standards deal with complaints about:

  • Food that is past its "Best Before" date
  • Chemical contamination of food
  • Complaints about the quality of food
  • Labelling and false description of food
  • Food that is labelled allergen free that caused an allergic reaction
  • Food that is not as it was described on the menu, such as being served Pollack instead of Cod
  • Misleading weights or measures

If you bought food from a shop, or had a meal at a restaurant or café and found it contained something that shouldn’t be there, for example plastic or hair, or wish to complain about the hygiene standards in a food business you can complain to us.