Guide Infectious disease and food poisoning

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5. If you work with food or vulnerable people

You should:

  • tell your employer immediately
  • stay away from work until you have not had any vomiting and or diarrhoea (and are completely back to normal) for 48 hours
  • if you have taken anti-diarrhoeal drugs, either from your doctor or over the counter medicine such as Imodium, you should stay away from work for at least 48 hours after you have finished treatment and return only if your diarrhoea has not recurred
  • if you have certain infections such as E.Coli 0157 you must provide more faecal samples when you have recovered, and you can’t return to work until two successive samples are clear of the bacteria

Always tell your employer of your illness before you return to work, even if you were ill on holiday and are recovered when you return home.