All food businesses are legally required to manage food safety with their business. The successful implementation of a Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) safety management pack will satisfy this requirement.

Safer Food Better Business is a simple, jargon-free system developed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the catering industry and local councils, to help small catering businesses comply with food law. It is a simple to use tool-kit which includes a free information pack and a diary which allow basic records to be kept.

Packs can be downloaded for:

You can order a hardcopy of a catering or retail pack for £19.50, or a diary refill for £16.00 from the Team by phoning 01395 517456.

Torbay Council provide a pack to download for Bed and Breakfast businesses and small catering businesses operating from domestic premises based on the SFBB format.

All food outlets must produce food that is safe to eat, must be able to show what they do to make food safe to eat, and have this written down as a record.

To help businesses from "re-inventing the wheel" time and again, Safer Food Better Business has a section which covers most basic food preparation already written out for a business, and this takes a very small amount of work to tailor to an individual premises.

Then there is a section which has all the paperwork a business needs to satisfy the law - training records, managements checks and a daily diary which can combine with existing kitchen diaries to demonstrate the basic checks the business is doing each day.

Successfully put into place, this approach will not only enable people to comply with law but also protect their business's reputation. It may also improve bottom line profits by reducing food wastage as a result of managing food safety. 

We need to see  your completed hazard analysis or Safer Food Better Business pack, so please ensure it is finished,  you are using it and maintaining the records and keep it available on the premises to show the officer when they visit, as this has a significant effect on the food hygiene rating the business is given. A business with no records can easily go down to a score of 2 or 1 for this issue.