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3. Offences under the Act

Offences include:

  • Failure to display No Smoking signs
  • Smoking in a smoke free premises/ place/ vehicle
  • Failure to prevent smoking in a premises

Businesses have to stop people smoking on the premises, and put up signs at each public entrance to the premises.

A manager in charge can be fined for failing to display the right no-smoking signs, or if they allow others to smoke in a public place.

Individuals smoking in smoke free areas could be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £50 (reduced to £30 for prompt payment) or fined up to £200 if the case goes to court. Having a lit cigarette is considered smoking, even if the person is not seen smoking it.

Managers of premises that allow smoking could be fined of up to £2,500.

Our enforcement officers are responsible for enforcing the legislation. Officers will be able to require personal details, serve Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) or start legal proceedings for non-compliance.