This page outlines how we assess potential impacts upon health and wellbeing arising from new planning developments across our district.  We work with Planning and other colleagues within the council, at Devon County Council and other organisations to maximise the opportunities presented.

The commitment to create healthy living environments is a thread which runs throughout the East Devon Local Plan 2013-2031. A number of policies and strategies in the Local Plan reflect these Health considerations.

EDDC Environmental Health officers have tailored a local Health Impact Assessment [HIA] tool to meet the needs of developments in East Devon. When certain criteria are met, developers are requested to use this tool.

Environmental Health officers have drafted Guidance for Applicants on how to complete our Health Impact Assessment.

EDDC staff will evaluate submitted HIAs. Health Impact Assessment of new developments aims to address local priorities. A wide range of information is available to help identify priority issues and priority communities within East Devon. This evaluation process reflects information drawn from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment  [JSNA] performed by Devon County Council.

East Devon’s Planning team provide information on what is planned, proposals and planning applications.

Examples of good practice will be added as these become available.