Purpose and priorities

The WEB Community Health & Wellbeing Board works to enable the communities in towns and villages of the WEB area to participate in developing their own health and care services, as outlined in the terms of reference.


The Board is made up of key stakeholders representing the community. With their local knowledge, members provide advice and guidance to develop effective health and social care services for communities of all ages in the WEB area.

Organisations represented by members

Board meeting notes

the Board meets every two months.

January 2020

 January 2019; March 2019; May 2019; July 2019 September 2019; November 2019

Recent activities - community events organised by the Board

WEB Health Matters Youth Fayre 18 September 2019

WEB Health Matters Community Networking 16 November 2018

WEB Health Matters Community Conversation 8 June 2018

Making Every Contact Count [MECC] healthy conversation skills training for WEB area - December 2018; February 2019; March 2019; May 2019; overview and feedback from all four sessions.

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