Sight is the sense people fear losing the most, yet many of us don’t know how to look after our eyes.

Regular eye tests are important for all the family, young and old, because they can detect a range of health conditions before they become serious. One in five people will live with sight loss in their lifetime despite at least half of all cases being avoidable. Having an eye test can be the first step to saving your sight.

Research suggests that five actions will make sure your eyes are healthy and your risk of developing an eye condition is as small as possible. The RNIB's guide to looking after your eyes explains:

1.       Get regular sight tests

2.       Stop smoking

3.       Eat healthily and watch your weight

4.       Keep your eyes covered in the sun

5.       Wear safety goggles for DIY and some sports.

Each September in National Eye Health Week, charities, organisations and health professionals working in the sight-loss sector work together to promote the importance of good eye health and regular eye tests for everyone.

For more information, the NHS website gives detailed advice on eye health ranging from eye safety to caring for a black eye.