Where do you get the information you need to support your health? Friends or family? GP or pharmacist? Library books? Google?

Instead of using Google, try using trusted sites for example the NHS website, which gives reliable health information and guidance on all aspects of health and healthcare.

If you do use Google, think about the information you find, such as:

  • Author – who wrote the webpage? Do you trust that person?
  • Ownership – e.g. is it an NHS or university webpage? From the UK or elsewhere?
  • Potential bias – is the webpage asking for money / selling drugs / offering "cures"?
  • Date – can you see how recent the information is?

Local public libraries have lots of books to borrow which encourage wellbeing and self-help, including Reading Well Books on Prescription for Young People, for Dementia and for Adult Mental Health.

There is a Health Information Week, each year in early July, which aims to encourage partnership working across sectors. This is an annual national multi-sector campaign to promote good quality health resources that are available to the public.

Disclaimer: If you are worried about specific health issues, please seek professional medical advice.