We are required to carry out a review and assessment of air quality in our district.   This involves measuring air pollution levels and trying to predict how it will change in the future. 

The government has set national air quality objectives to protect people’s health and the environment.  The aim of the review is to ensure national objectives are achieved, and actions that are being taken to reduce air pollution.

National air quality objectives can be viewed on the DEFRA UK Air Information Resource website.

You can view a list of the current nitrogen dioxide monitoring sites and the average annual concentrations in East Devon for 2022.  

If air pollution exceeds air quality objectives we are required to designate an ‘Air Quality Management Area’. There are currently no Air Quality Management Areas within East Devon.

East Devon’s Annual Status Reports for the last five years can be viewed here:

The Annual Status Report is sent to DEFRA to be checked. They issue an Appraisal Report which says whether the report meets the standards they expect and if any further work is required.

East Devon’s Appraisal Reports for the last five years can be viewed here: