Annual progress report 2012 - 2014


This report identifies a few continued exceedances in the existing Honiton Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). Other exceedances have also been found outside the existing Honiton AQMA.

The further assessment and action planning reports for Honiton were due in 2012. Further monitoring was undertaken in Honiton, as the exceedance levels measured for the AQMA declaration were generally marginal. DEFRA grant monies were obtained to provide the 2011 to 2014 monitoring data. This data for Honiton shows that the only location close to residential accommodation which also exceeds is the area close to the Dowell Street / High Street junction. All other exceedance locations are some distance from residential accommodation.

We conclude that there are very few exceedance areas within the AQMA close to residential units and it is the intention of East Devon District Council to provide a Detailed Assessment. This report will recommend the revocation or reduction in size of the AQMA as a consequence of new monitoring results.

Other locations where detailed assessments were undertaken

New exceedances were previously identified outside the Honiton AQMA in the following locations:

  •  Clyst St George
  •  Axminster
  •  Sowton Lodge

Detailed assessments were provided for these locations. New data clearly indicates that no further action is required as these areas have not continued to show exceedances on a regular basis.

Other locations

Monitoring results indicate that no detailed assessments are required elsewhere.


The new town of Cranbrook is expanding rapidly. All new residential development is set far back from the main roads and several existing diffusion tube sites are close to Cranbrook's main roads.

The A376 Exmouth / Exeter Road has several properties close to the kerb and exceedances at the Topsham Roundabout (George and Dragon) indicate that there may be exceedances near other kerbside properties.

2012 - 2014 APR