Annual status report (ASR) 2017

Air quality in most of East Devon is very good; monitoring results indicate that even in our busiest towns, air pollution levels affecting where people live are below the national exceedance level criteria. However, continued pressure on development means that we should be mindful of increasing pollution levels from road traffic and the increased pressure for housing development means we should always be looking to provide sustainable transportation alternatives.

Monitoring is also being undertaken in the other areas of potential concern including the main A376 Exmouth to Exeter road and the A3052 Exeter to Sidmouth road. The annual monitoring results appear to indicate an overall reduction in measured nitrogen dioxide levels from 2013 to 2015.

ASR 2017


Honiton detailed assessment (DA) 2017

After East Devon District Council declared the Honiton air quality management area (AQMA), a strategy of spatially intensive air quality monitoring in Honiton was implemented. Measured results were lower than previous air pollution modelling predictions. A new mini roundabout in Honiton has reduced traffic queuing and congestion, but only further monitoring will show the impact this will have on air quality. The DA produced in tandem with the ASR indicates that some levels at the roadside exceed or are close to exceedance levels, whereas levels at receptor locations are generally much less and almost all are below the exceedance levels. Therefore, East Devon District Council intends to revoke the Honiton AQMA.

DA 2017