We have a legal obligation to undertake periodic reviews and assessments of air quality in our area. The quality of the air is judged against national air quality objectives for specified pollutants. However, the responsibility for improving air quality nationally rests with the Government.

In order to understand and check that human health based criteria are met, regular monitoring of air pollution is undertaken. Currently, passive monitoring is undertaken across the District using Nitrogen Dioxide Diffusion Tubes. These tubes are situated at various locations across the District. Continuous monitoring is undertaken in Honiton.

Details of the specified pollutants and objectives are detailed within a number of reports. Please contact us by email at or 01395 517456 to be sent the reports in a format that suits you. A review of air quality means considering the levels of pollutants in the air for which objectives are prescribed in Regulations, and estimating likely future levels. An assessment of air quality is where we consider if the estimated levels for the relevant future period are likely to exceed the levels set in the objectives.

Where prescribed air quality objectives are not likely to be met we have to designate those parts of their areas, as air quality management areas, (AQMA's). In those areas we make further air quality assessments, and draw up Action Plans to improve air quality.

The Air Quality review and Assessment processes were established by the statutory duties specified within the Environment Act 1995 Part IV which require the assessment of a number pollutants and whether or not the health based criteria will be met. This process is a phased and iterative process and the relevant reports are available from us on request at or 01395 517456.