This list is not exclusive and there are other industries that will require a permit that are not detailed here.

Please contact us to confirm whether your industrial installation requires a permit.

Petrol stations

  • A permit is required if the throughput of petrol exceeds 500,000 litres in any 12 month period.

Dry cleaners

  • All dry cleaners are required to have a permit.

Waste mineral oil (garages)

  • All Waste Oil Burners (WOBs) under 0.4 MW require a permit.
  • Please note: If you are considering purchasing a WOB please be aware that the proposed Waste Incineration Directive will effectively ban WOBs by making the permit conditions too onerous for most garages to comply with.

Solvents (SED)

  • Surface cleaning: 1 tonne in 12 months (if VOC's carcinogenic otherwise 2 tonnes)
  • Car vehicle respraying: 1 tonne in 12 months, 0.5 tonne if original vehicle coating.
  • Coating of metal and plastic: 5 tonnes in 12 months (if organic solvents)
  • Wood coating: 5 tonnes in 12 months.


  • 10 000m3 in 12 months (i.e. sawmills) if wood is sawed, planed, drilled etc.
  • OR 1000m3 in any other case (i.e. joinery workshops).



  • 5 tonnes in 12 months OR 1 tonne if toluene diisocyanate (TDI) is used.


  • Mobile crushers - no threshold, most are permitted but some smaller crushers are exempt if trivial.
  • Storage of bulk cement - no tonnage/volume threshold (permits required for fixed installations, if mobile cement silo then mobile plant permit required through regional office/home authority).

Surface treatment processes using acid treatment/etching

  • Industries with these processes may need a permit if the process is likely to release nitrogen oxides.


  • Non-ferrous: capacity less than 4 tonnes per day if lead or cadmium present, otherwise capacity less than 20 tonnes per day (If more than this will be A1/A2).
  • Ferrous: if plant production capacity less than 2.5 tonnes per hour (but depends on holding capacities of furnaces) (otherwise will be A1/A2).


  • Heatset web offset printing: 15 tonnes
  • Publications rotogravure: 25 tonnes
  • Flexography, rotary screen, laminating, varnishing, other coating: 5-12 tonnes