Environmental Health Licencing Fees

Fees for activities licensable under the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Regulations 2018 have been reviewed for the first time in several years.  Local Authorities are required to carry out a fees review and ensure that the costs of providing the service are covered.  This review has been carried out and approved by the Licensing and Enforcement Committee and the new fees are effective for all applications received from 1st April 2019.  Only one fee has been set and this is chargeable for each separate animal activity.  Most premises are now receiving 2 or even 3 year licences and therefore in many cases this represents an overall decrease in fee level.  The new fee is £330.

The fees review report can be read in full.


(Skin piercing/electrolysis/tattoo/acupuncture)

  • One off registration (with no renewal) for a premises plus one person: £100
  • Additional person: £80 per person

Animal boarding establishments (catteries, kennels and dog day care)

  • New licence: £330
  • Renewal licence: £330
  • Annual interim inspection for licences issued prior to 31st March 2019: £50

Animal boarding establishments (home boarding)

  • New/renewal licence: £330

Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 (two year licence)

  • New/renewal licence: £100 plus vet’s fee.

Dog Breeder

  • New licence: £330
  • Renewal licence: £330

Pet Sales Licence

  • New/renewal licence: £330 (plus vet’s fee where needed).

Animal Exhibits

  • New licence:  £330 (3 year licence).

Riding Establishments Licence

  • New/renewal licence: £330 plus vet’s fee.

Scrap Metal Dealer Licences (three year licence)

  • New site licence: £280
  • New collectors licence: £200
  • Application to transfer to a mobile collector: £45
  • Application for the transfer to a site licence: £75
  • Variation (change of site manager): £40
  • Variation (change of collector’s vehicle): £40
  • Variation (other): £35

Zoo Licensing Act

  • First ever licence (four years with interim inspection): £300 plus vet’s fee
  • Renewal (six years with an interim inspection): £200 plus vet’s fee
  • Transfer of a licence: £100

Export certificates (fish)

  • Grant: £100
  • Renewal: £75

Export certificates (Products Not of Animal Origin)

  • Per certificate (up to two hours): £75
  • Additional hours beyond initial two hours: £35 per hour

Replacement licence/certificate

  • fee: £15 plus VAT