Residents are affected by noise from aircraft using Exeter Airport and other aircraft  such as those used by the police, coastguard, ambulance and the military services.

We have no direct control over aircraft noise since the Environmental Protection Act statutory nuisance provisions specifically exclude action in respect of aircraft noise. 

Furthermore, the Civil Aviation Act 1982 specifically prevents individuals from taking action in common law nuisance and trespass (where they are flown in accordance with defined protocols). 

For environmental information regarding Exeter Airport  and other local aviation sources, please see the Managing the Impact of Aircraft Noise document produced by Exeter Airport.

For other general information on noise from aircraft and airports please look at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website.    

Military aircraft are covered by different rules and if you wish to complain please see complaining about low flying military aircraft.  

For more information on aircraft and aviation please see the International Civil Aviation Organisation . The founding of modern civil aviation was agreed following the Chicago Convention of 1944