Grey squirrels - Overview

Grey squirrels are rodents, having the characteristic incisors which grow throughout their lives. They build nests in trees and have two breeding seasons in a year. The first litter is born in February or March and the second in June or July. Each litter may produce one to seven young, but average around three.

The most common problem occurs when squirrels enter roof spaces of houses or other buildings by climbing the walls or jumping from nearby trees. Once inside they may cause damage by chewing woodwork and ceilings, stripping the insulation from electrical wiring and tearing up roof insulation materials to make a nest. They can also cause disturbance to sleep patterns.

How do I get rid of them?

Unfortunately we don't provide a pest control service for squirrels.

If squirrels are getting inside your property we suggest you find out how they are getting in and then to organise repair work. If this can be done whilst the squirrels are away from the loft, then no other treatment will be necessary. If this isn't possible then trapping using ‘approved’ traps or poisoning can be carried out by a suitably trained pest control operative. We are unable to recommend local pest control firms, but suggest using a service search engine such as Yell.  We advise you to get two or three  quotes to obtain a competitive price.

Red squirrels – Overview

Red squirrels have been declining in Britain for many decades, largely as a result of the introduction of the grey squirrel. They currently receive full protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended). Further information on red squirrels is available from Natural England.