Guide Wasps, Bees and Hornets

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2. Bees


Bees are not classed as pests as they are pollinators of fruit and flowers and should not be destroyed unless they are in a place that is causing a nuisance or a danger to humans or pets.

Honey bees are a very beneficial insect in our environment and only occasionally does their presence constitute a pest problem. Most professional pest control companies are reluctant to use pesticides on bees nests unless absolutely necessary.

What can I do to get rid of them?

As bees are highly beneficial to the environment, we do not provide a pest control service for these insects.

If a bee swarm or nest becomes a nuisance we recommend you contact a bee keeper. The British Bee Keepers Association provides guidance on identifying bees and how to locate bee keepers in your area who may be able to visit your property and collect a swarm.

Swarms of honey bees can usually be safely removed by an experienced bee keeper if they are contacted in time. If the honey bees have left their clustering place and taken up residence in the fabric of a building, that can be more difficult to deal with and a professional pest control technician will be required to undertake the work either solely or in conjunction with a bee keeper.

If the honey bees are not causing a nuisance or a threat, they can be left alone. Some properties are known to have had honey bee colonies within their fabric for many years without causing any disturbance or problems to the property owner.

In the event where bees from neighbouring hives may be causing a nuisance to you in your home and garden please contact your local bee keepers association via The British Bee Keepers Association.