Guide Corporate emergency response plan

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2. Important notes

Distribution control

 This plan is issued to selected post holders rather than to individuals. If/when the post holder leaves, or the scope of the post changes significantly; the plan should be handed on to the new post holder.

 Accuracy of contact information

 The contact information in the plan  is completely checked and re-issued every 6 months. However, the Emergency Planning Officer holds abbreviated contact lists that are kept as up to date as possible and it is important that they are told of any changes to key staff and/or contact information as soon as it becomes available.


 Where information held in the plan is sensitive, for reasons of security or commercial confidence, officers who are able to access that information, will be cleared for the purpose. This information will be set out in detail in the plan but it will be held separately & its circulation will be restricted. Nevertheless hard copies of the plan should not be reproduced or otherwise made available to unauthorised people without first discussing with the civil contingencies manager. 


 Some elements of this plan are likely to be useful for less than major emergencies, and there is no reason why, for example, contact information may not be used as necessary. However, full deployment of all the components of the district council response to a major emergency will only be triggered by the chief executive of the council,  or strategic leads. Where there is time, there is an expectation that consultation will take place between them prior to activation.

 Please note: emergency contacts and local resources have been removed from this document online.