Graffiti refers to words, drawings, scribbles or messages that are written, painted, sprayed, scratched or carved on the surface of any property, building, street furniture or monument.

Graffiti is a criminal offence carrying large fines given out by a magistrate or up to a £80 fixed penalty notice issued by us or police. If you see anyone doing graffiti please report it to us or the police.

We will remove the graffiti from any property owned by us but we can't remove it from private households and other private property without the owner's permission.

When reporting graffiti we suggest you download the What3Words app; this means we can now respond to exact locations in very rural areas or in a town environment to find the issue to be dealt with.

The app helps us to find the exact location of the graffiti by giving small areas 3 unique words. When giving details of the location in our online form, please use the 3 words generated by the app in the location details box.

Our teams have been trialling What3Words and have found it very successful so far, they have found it saves time and enables them to find the graffiti more accurately, the first time. 

All the emergency services in Devon and Cornwall are now also using the app as a back up to their other location finding systems, so you may find the app useful in future too.