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8. Exmouth Toilets

Category A Toilets

Toilets that will be refurbished.

  • Exmouth - Foxholes Car Park Public Toilets.
  • Exmouth - Magnolia Centre (London Inn) Public Toilets.
  • Exmouth - Manor Gardens Public Toilets.
  • Exmouth - Queens Drive Public Toilets.
  • Exmouth - Phear Park Public Toilets.

Category B Toilets

EDDC will be looking at other options for the site, like to:

- Advertise lease opportunities for sites to be used for things like cafés, which include public toilets.

- Allow town or parish councils and community groups to make bids to take over the sites. 

- Sell the public toilets.

  • Exmouth - Imperial Recreation Ground Public Toilets. This site is about a four minute walk from the toilets in Manor Gardens. However, it could offer a very good café / bar.
  • Exmouth - Orcombe Point Public Toilets. Around a four minute walk to the larger Foxholes toilet block.
  • Exmouth - The Maer Public Toilets. Could be better used as a café/bar with community toilets, potential link with BBQ area. 

Category C Toilets

The council can no longer afford to run these toilets which are either less used or are in locations served by other facilitates. Town councils and community groups can be given the opportunity to operate these.

  • Exmouth - Bus / Train Station Public Toilets. Very low usage. This site is at a gateway to the town, but directly benefits the station and could be operated by others. The building can't be used as anything other than a public toilet. Could be re-modelled as part of the Motorhome parking project pending councillor approval.
  • Exmouth - Jarvis Close Public Toilets.