Turn2us is a free and accessible website that exists to help people access the money available to them – through benefits, grants and other financial help. It helps people find appropriate sources of financial support, quickly and easily, based on their particular needs and circumstances. For more information call 0808 802 2000.

BIG Lottery

BIG Lottery have funding available to help veterans that saw active services and are resident in the UK or Republic of Ireland to take part in commemorative visits to mark the anniversary of events that led to the end of WWII. The Heroes Return 2 fund gives out grants of up to £5,500. Phone them on 0845 4 10 20 30.

Your local clubs

If you want to do something like take part in charity work abroad, or take a course or qualification that could really benefit a local sports club you are part of, have you thought about contacting your local Lions Club or Rotary Club to ask them if they have any funds available to sponsor a local person in their area?

To find out where your local Lions Club is, phone 0845 8339502.

To find out where your local Rotary Club is, phone 01789 765411.