The Sir Francis Chichester Trust

The Sir Francis Chichester Trust offers free places on Outward Bound courses to young people aged 16 to 24  who live in Devon and have had few opportunities for challenges of this nature in the past. There is an expectation that those referring the young people will help them attend an interview and then help them make travel arrangements to the course if selected. For more information phone 07938 882594.


Grant aid is available from KidsOut to help disadvantaged children up to the age of 18 have fun. They provide a helpline for support on many issues, play opportunities and also small grants to individuals, families, schools and groups for the purchase of special play equipment, holidays, toys and outings. For more information phone 01525 385252.

The Frank Buttle Trust

The Frank Buttle Trust has one-off grants available for equipment for children with illness, distress, neglect, disability, severe poverty and deprivation. Applications must be made through a statutory agency or voluntary organisation.

The Family Holiday Charity

The Family Holiday Association specialises in providing holidays for disadvantaged families and children. The family must be on a low income, must have at least one child aged three or over, must not have been on holiday for at least four years and the family must be referred by a welfare professional. For more information phone 020 3117 0650.

Education and learning

Local education grants  

There are various small local grants available to help fund education (books/equipment and fees):

  • Devon Educational Trust - Students under 25 who have lived in Devon for at least a year can apply for grants up to £500.
  • Broadclyst Relief in Need Charity - Disadvantaged students can apply for grants of up to £100, phone 07816 326997.
  • Colyton Parish Lands Charity - Education grants to people in need, phone 01297 552129.
  • Elmgrant Trust- South West Trust with a preference to special educational needs and for schoolchildren with serious family difficulties, phone 01803 863160.
  • Dyke Exhibition Foundation - Students under 25 who have lived in Devon for three years or been educated here for two years can apply for grants of up to £300.
  • Sidmouth Consolidated Charities- Education grants to young people from Sidmouth, phone 01395 513079.

The Adventure Trust for Girls

The Adventure Trust for Girls is there to help finance adventurous projects for girls who wish to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge. The girls must be between 10 and 20 years old at the start of their project, and either live, or attend school, within eight miles of Exmouth Town Hall, excluding the areas west of the River Exe estuary and north of the M5.

The Construction Youth Trust

The Construction Youth Trust has some funding available to enable young people to access the opportunities in training and employment in the construction industry. The trust gives out individual bursaries and also offers advice and guidance. For more information phone 020 7467 9540.

The Farringdon House Trust

The Farringdon House Trust has grants for young people resident in Devon aged under 21 for further education or training.

The Prince’s Trust Business Programme

The Prince's Trust Business Programme has funding and other support measures available to young people who would like to start their own business. The programme can support young people who are aged 18- 30, unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week and living in England.

Young people with disabilities or illness

The True Colours Trust

The True Colours Trust has funding available for young people aged between 18 and 26 who have a disability and/ or complex care needs. Support will also be considered for families who care for a young person who falls within this criteria. Applications can be for household items, play equipment, leisure activities and hospital visits. Applicants household must be able to demonstrate they are on a low income. For more information phone 0207 4100330.

The Family Fund Trust

The Family Fund Trust provides grants for families in the UK that care for severely disabled children under the age of 16. Financial assistance also available for holidays. For more information phone 01904 621115.

The Athlone Trust

Grants are available from the Athlone Trust to assist the parents of adopted children with serious disabilities such as Asperger Syndrome. These are to help with school fees and one-off grants to help with the cost of education essentials.


React has funding available to help families caring for a terminally ill child by providing financial help to purchase practical items and essential medical equipment.

The Caudwell Charitable Trust

The Caudwell Charitable Trust has funding available for specific cases of child sickness, specialised medical requirements, traumatic needs and dying wishes. For more information phone 0845 3001348.

The Newlife Charity

Grants are available to help children and families who are significantly affected by an inborn condition (birth defect/ congenital abnormality) from the Newlife Charity. The child must be under 18 years of age.

Lennox Children's Cancer Fund

Lennox Children's Cancer Fund has funding available to assist families financially, which welfare professionals must apply for on their behalf. There's also help  to  pay for holidays for the children and their families, which the families themselves can apply for.