Sport England

Sport England is the national development agency for sport and a good starting point in the search for funding.

The Talented Athletes Scholarship Scheme

The Talented Athletes Scholarship Scheme has bursaries available from £1,000 to £10,000 to support young people aged 16- 24 who want to realise their potential as an athlete and be involved in performance sport. The young people should be continuing formal education or be employed.


Talented young athletes may like to look at the SportsAid website.

The John Taylor Foundation

The John Taylor Foundation has grants available to support young amateur athletes in the UK by allowing them to pursue opportunities in amateur athletics. Applications are considered twice a year.

The Ron Pickering Memorial Fund

Funding is available for elite young athletes from the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund who are still in education to help them with training and equipment costs. Applicants must be aged 15- 23.