The Woodland Trust

Grants are available from The Woodland Trust for community woodland groups in their work in managing and conserving woodland. Funding is primarily for items that will help with the long-term sustainability of the woodland group such as training, tools and activities and events. For more information phone 01476 581135.

The Tree Council

The Tree Council has funding available for community groups, including Parish and Town Councils, throughout the UK proposing to undertake well-planned tree planting projects starting in National Tree Week which usually takes place in November or December each year. For more information phone 020 7407 9992.

The Woodland Improvement Grant

The Wooland Improvement Grant funds capital investment in Ancient or SSSI woodlands to create, enhance and sustain an increase in the quantity and quality of public benefits delivered. For more details about the funding in East Devon contact Richard Preston, or phone 01626 892853.