Locality Budgets

Devon County Councillors each have £10,000 of funding to give to worthy projects in their areas through their Locality Budgets. It is easy to apply, contact your local Devon County councillor.

Crowdfund Devon

Devon County Council also has money available through crowdfunding, as do East Devon District Council. Crowdfunding is all about promoting your proposal or idea to the wider crowd. Telling the crowd about your proposal, the reasons for it and the amount of funds you are trying to raise, and then seeing if they think your proposal is something that really matters to them, and which they are prepared to back financially.

Explore the possibilities that crowdfunding might open up for your project by visiting Crowdfund Devon  for further information and resources to support you with crowdfunding. Crowdfund Devon, is a new crowdfunding site being piloted in partnership with several district/city councils, the Devon & Cornwall Police and Crowdfunder.

Doing What Matters Fund

Available from sometime in May 2019, Devon County Council's £329,000 Doing What Matters Fund will provide up to £20,000 for individual projects that have significant impact on the wellbeing of local people and communities. Bids will be encouraged from local groups, councils, organisations and collaborations. Successful bids will be required to provide matched funding of at least 25 per cent.

Making the Connection Fund

Devon County Council's Making the Connection Fund provides small, one-off non-repeatable, grants of up to £300 to support community-led ideas and initiatives across the area of Devon administered by Devon County Council. It aims to provide funding to community-led schemes, benefitting one or more community groups which bring people together to identify and/or achieve relatively quickly the small but important things that matter to them. Encouraging and enabling communities to be stronger; in terms of their independence, ability to respond to issues, resourcefulness and capability, as well as being more connected, kinder and safer.