Devon County Councillors

Devon County councillors each have £8000 of funding to give to worthy projects in their areas. It is easy to apply, contact your local Devon County councillor.

The Fore 

The Fore is offering grants of up to £30,000 over 1 - 3 years to help fantastic small charities and social enterprises plan for the longer term and gain a stronger footing in a post-coronavirus world. Grants can be used for any purpose, including core costs. They seek to make grants that strengthen organisations so they can do more. Their grant might help you grow, or be more efficient - they don't mind, we just want you to be able to be better at what you do.

In Kind Direct

In Kind Direct receives surplus goods from companies that it then gives out to voluntary organisations around the UK for a fraction of the real cost. A wide variety of goods including toiletries, clothing, household appliances and food. Goods must not be sold, bartered or traded. Applicants must be a charity, voluntary or not for profit group or a social enterprise. For more information phone 020 7398 5510.

Local community projects

Some Town and Parish Councils have funding available for local community projects in their areas. Contact your local parish or town Clerk to see if this is available for you.

Local clubs

Have you thought about contacting your local Lions Club or Rotary Club to ask them if they have any funds available for projects in their local area?  
To find out where your local Lions Club is phone 0845 8339502.
To find out where your local Rotary Club is phone 01789 765411.

Devon Funding news

Devon Funding News is issued monthly and offers practical assistance with raising money for projects in the UK.  Devon Funding News is free and available monthly by email. You may, however, need to register first and receive a user name and password.

Devon Communities Together

Devon Communities Together focus on work with rural communities including East Devon.

The East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund 

The East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Communities Project Fund gives grants to a wide range of community groups, organisations and businesses to make a real difference to their local environment or the way in which they do carry out their activities. Your project will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • further the purpose of conserving and enhancing the natural beauty.
  • tackle environmental, economic, social and cultural issues.
  • have the support and involvement of communities within the AONB.
  • bring people together in partnership to tackle problems.
  • demonstrate innovation and best practice.
  • involve young people.

The Duke of Devonshire’s Charitable Trust

Funding is available from The Duke of Devonshire’s Charitable Trust to registered charities of typically between £250 and £10,000. They fund all sorts of projects.

Sir John and Lady Amory’s Charitable Trust

Sir John and Lady Amory's Charitable Trust has funding of various amounts for good causes in Devon. Examples of what has been funded before; Tiverton Market Centre (£2,000), Knightshayes Garden Trust (£17,000), Relief for the Elderly and Infirm (£1,000). Apply in writing to:
Sir John and Lady Amory’s Charitable Trust,
The Island,
Lowman Green,
EX16 4LA

Or to find out more phone 01884 254899.