This grants scheme has been open to applications three times, it's now closed again. 60 applications were funded throughout the lifetime of the fund, between March 2020 and March 2021. 

The Covid 19 Fund was a small grants scheme that aimed to support community-led schemes that carried out the small but important things that could safely address some of the issues arising because of Coronavirus restrictions, including support for those who are clinically extremely vulnerable.

  • It quickly provided small grants of between £300 and £700, grants could be given for higher amounts for exceptional projects.
  • It was a joint grants scheme from East Devon District Council and Devon County Council. We paid 50% of each grant awarded, and Devon County Council paid 50%.
  • It has been open to applications three times, during the three periods of more significant Government Coronavirus restrictions. 

Examples of projects that could have been funded

  • safe deliveries of essential goods and services to those who are vulnerable, such as foods and medicines.
  • support for accessing online information and services.
  • helping people to stay connected and informed and measures to support mental health and wellbeing.
  • transport-related initiatives that support safe community responses.

What was funded between 6 January 2021 and 5 March 2021

Devon County Council paid half the amounts given and we paid the other half.

  1. Ottery Help Scheme - £700 for Personal Protective Equipment and telephone befriending particularly for those with dementia.
  2. Colyton Caterpillars - £700 towards home resources plus a support worker for advice and help, as well as resources to provide physical exercise for children.
  3. Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support - £500 to be used to help pay for weekly delivery of art and craft kits, magazines, books and jigsaws o help to relieve poor mental well-being.
  4. Parental Minds CIC - £600 to provide well-being workshops to aid prevention and early intervention of mental health issues within families.
  5. Sidmouth Hospice at Home - £685 for a laptop and Personal Protective Equipment for volunteers while driving patients to appointment.
  6. Sidmouth Voluntary Services - £700 to help pay for packaging for the meals and Personal Protective Equipment for the volunteers.
  7. Westbank Healthy Neighbourhoods project - £700 towards volunteer expenses and materials activity club for the aged.
  8. Axewoods Co-operative - £300 to pay mileage expenses to members to deliver logs around the region.
  9. Mill Water School - £700 towards travel costs for staff who are delivering teaching resources to pupils' doorsteps.
  10. Budleigh Hub, Westbank - £700 for transport of vulnerable people for their Covid vaccinations from their homes.
  11. Estuary League of Friends - £700 for transport of vulnerable people for their Covid vaccinations from their homes.
  12. Open Arms East Devon - £700 for a printer & tablet to support group for adults experiencing mental health difficulties.
  13. Ottery Community Volunteers - £700 for a tablet in the office so that everyone can see what bookings are made.
  14. Jelly South West CIC - £180 towards Zoom costs for providing business support.
  15. Arc (Axminster) Ltd - £700 of funding to increase capacity to be able to deliver this vital trauma treatment.
  16. Youth Genesis Trust Ltd - £120 of funding for online quizzes for young people, with support workers.
  17. Waffle Work/Lawson Computer Repair - £500 for costs to refurbish PCs and the purchase Windows 10 licenses and small parts to give to the local community.
  18. TRIP Community Transport - £600 towards admin and staff costs for volunteer cars for medical appointments.
  19. Devon in Sight - £700 towards emotional & wellbeing counselling for those of little or no sight.
  20. TRIP Community Transport - £700 to help them provide community transport services.
  21. Musbury Primary School - £500 to lay safe flooring in extra playground area so that groups can be separated to keep within COVID guidelines, supporting children to become more active safely.
  22. Seaton Primary School - £599 to purchase books from the Reading Well for children booklist in addition to a range of other reading resources.
  23. Pete's Dragons - £700 towards costs to run regular supported workshops for 6-12 people where they can come to learn a new skill, share creativity, and have fun.
  24. Esteem Team CIC - £700 of funding to support extra hours needed for staff to provide online family support work to families.
  25. Exmouth Macular Support Volunteer Group - £300 to pay for group phone conference calls, monthly news letters , social contact with over 40 members who are in the age group 75 - 100 yrs.
  26. The Club - £500 of transport costs for a Support Worker to visit their clinically vulnerable members. 

What was funded between 5 November and 2 December 2020

Devon County Council paid half the amounts given and we paid the other half.

  1. Parental Minds - £500 to support families and carers of those with mental health concerns.
  2. Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support - £500 to help provide resources to maintain mental health for people with cancer and their carers.
  3. TRIP - £700 to help ensuring safe supplies of foods, medicine etc. to vulnerable people.
  4. Budleigh Support - £700 towards leaflet drops to let the community know about the help they offer.
  5. Sidmouth Voluntary Services - £400 for PPE Equipment and cleaning products to ensure safe services.
  6. Honiton Primary School - £500 for food hampers for vulnerable families.
  7. Brixington Community Church - £300 for transport and delivery of food.
  8. Honiton Carers Support Group - £572 to continue supporting carers mental health and wellbeing.
  9. Honiton 55+ - £600 for delivery of meals to vulnerable people in Honiton to vulnerable people.
  10. Exmouth Friends in Need - £400 towards food and consumables for people in need in the community.
  11. Cranbabies The Baby Room - £700 to help them be Covid-19 safe.
  12. Open Door Centre, Exmouth - £1,000 towards food and necessities for vulnerable people.
  13. Mill Water School - £500 for tailored sensory activity packs for families with learning disabled children.
  14. Axminster Health and Wellbeing Centre - £700 towards sessional teachers and costs for online therapies such as yoga.
  15. Whimple Volunteer Group - £350 to pay for a hot meal delivery to 25 people per week for 7 weeks.
  16. Stockland Parish Council - £380 for a community website and interpretation boards to raise awareness of Stockland Turbaries.
  17. Esteem Team CIC - £700 to help pay for their regular parent / carer support group to those with children with additional needs.
  18. Feniton Primary School PTA - £700 for extra sports kit and books for Covid safe use by pupils.

What was funded between March and July 2020

Devon County Council paid half the amounts given and we paid the other half.

Sixteen East Devon Coronavirus related projects were funded by the Covid-19 Prompt Action Fund between March and July 2020. The grants scheme was then paused due to a significant decline in applications. The 16 grants given out jointly by Devon County Council and East Devon District Council were:

  1. The Broadclyst Parish Council Community Support Scheme - £495 towards volunteer expenses, and leaflet printing to let people know about the scheme.
  2. Brampford Speke Help - £495 towards fuel costs, packaging and printing.
  3. The Random Kitchen, based at Honiton Rugby Club, are providing meals for vulnerable people in the area, were given £400 to help pay for ingredients and enhanced cleaning.
  4. Beer Action Group received £495 to help pay for providing and delivering food parcels to people in need.
  5. Mill Water School - £495 to help pay for activity packs for children and parents.
  6. Launchpad SW CIC, based in Budleigh Salterton, were given £495 towards delivering hot meals to vulnerable people who can’t cook for themselves.
  7. East Budleigh Parish Council - £395 to help pay for scrubs for a care home within the parish.
  8. Ottery Community Volunteers - £495 to help pay for the expenses of their volunteers and support deliveries to vulnerable people in the parish.
  9. Axmouth Parish Council were given £345 to help support volunteers within the parish, such as refunding them for any fuel costs.
  10. Sidmouth Voluntary Services - £495 to help pay for a kitchen refurbishment so they could start making and delivering meals for vulnerable people in the Sid Valley.
  11. Colyford Coronavirus Support Group - £300 to help refund costs incurred by their volunteers, such as fuel costs when delivering to people who are self isolating.
  12. £495 to the Ottery Help Scheme to pay for Personal Protective Equipment for their volunteer drivers.
  13. The Colyford Coronavirus Support Group - £185 to buy Personal Protective Equipment.
  14. Colyton Caterpillars were given £495 to help them pack for support packs and telephone support for the families they worked with.
  15. £400 for Axewoods Co-operative to help them deliver fuel to elderly and vulnerable people.
  16. Axe Valley Netball Club received £495 to pay for smaller group sessions.

There were also grants given out purely by Devon County Council before we joined in, these are not listed above.