Guide Accessibility statement for East Devon District Council

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2. How accessible is the East Devon website?

We know some areas of this website are not fully accessible and we are working on these issues.

You can find out more in the technical information about this website.

We have:

  • Ensured all images on the website have a descriptive Alt Text
  • Ensured all web pages can be zoomed in up to 300%
  • Ensured pages can be navigated and forms can be completed using just a keyboard (, and
  • Improved page structure for improved readability by screen readers
  • Improved contrast to meet WCAG2.1 Accessibility standards
  • Added Skip to Content links (accessible from tabbing from the address bar)
  • Added Aria labels and landmarks throughout the site to improve screen reader accessibility

East Devon District Council staff, who update the website, have received specialist training to ensure the web pages they are responsible for are as accessible as possible.

Areas we are working on include:

  • PDF documents that may not be fully accessible to screen reader software
  • some of our online forms maybe difficult to navigate using just a keyboard
  • some information is presented as map data and not accessible using a screen reader
  • some of our content maybe difficult to understand due to the technical information that needs to be presented
  • some pages may have skipped heading levels
  • some pages may need improved hyperlinking

Please be aware that some of our documents and forms are supplied and updated by third party partners and we do not have direct control over these. We are working with all our suppliers to ensure their systems are accessible and meet WCAG2.1 guidelines but know that they are currently compliant to varying degrees. You can find out more about the accessibility of systems provided by third-parties on our Technical information about this website’s accessibility page.

Should you find any issues using pages or forms on our site then please contact us for assistance.