We are providing even more affordable homes for people in East Devon and faster than ever before. Households considered in greatest need of accommodation are now being housed within just six to twelve months. Previously these applicants would have had to wait three to four years to be housed by the council or another social housing provider.

This is opening up opportunities for applicants in the lower priority bands. People who have registered for housing with Devon Home Choice in bands C and D now have an improved chance of getting an affordable home. This is because developers are building more new homes which has led to an increase in the numbers of affordable housing available for shared ownership or to rent.

Approximately 300 newly built affordable homes will be available each year for the next three to four years. In addition, nearly 300 of our own existing homes become vacant every year and need new tenants.

To find out if you qualify for an affordable home to rent from the council or a housing association you must register through Devon Home Choice.  For further information please visit our how to apply for a council or housing association property web page.

If you are looking to buy an affordable home there are a number of different schemes available including shared ownership and equity loan schemes. Schemes can be delivered by private developers or by housing associations.

You will need to find a provider that sells Shared Ownership homes in the area you want to buy. Most provider details will be available on GOV.UK - Providers You will need to search on each providers webpages to find properties of interest.

Some provider details will not be available on GOV.UK because their properties were not funded through a government funding programme. Providers will also advertise all available properties on at least at one of the following and therefore your search may include these websites:

• Zoopla or Rightmove
• Other UK property websites
• Estate agent websites

You will need to make an application to a provider if you are interested in one of their available homes