We believe a positive food culture is very important so we give information on budgeting, hygiene and nutrition by running drop in sessions and training courses.  We also help people to improve their skills in the kitchen and encourage them to share what they have learnt.

Health and Local Food for Families (HALFF), an Axminster based charity, work with all 3 SWITCH clubs, engaging young people in creating and cooking their own recipes which will give confidence and practical life skills.  In Littleham these will be collected in a cookery book produced by the group.

HALFF came to us and asked if we could run a session which involved older and younger members of the community around food. So we organised a Community Lunch which saw supported tenants join the young people and their families from the Millwey SWITCH group for a morning of activities and then all sit down to lunch which the younger guests had helped to prepare.  The first event was so popular they have become a regular thing.