A designated person will help resolve the complaint in one of two ways. They can try and resolve the complaint themselves or they can refer the complaint straight to the Ombudsman. If they refuse to do either the complainant can contact the Ombudsman directly.

The designated person can try to put things right in which ever way they think may work best. Please note that a designated person has no legal authority over a landlord’s policy or procedure. Having looked at the complaint the designated person may:

  • consider that the complaint has been through all the proper stages, that it has been properly handled and the nature of the complaint suggests that there is little to be gained by pursuing it further, or
  • consider that the landlord has not followed procedures correctly or that the procedures are inappropriate and it should acknowledge this and do something to rectify this as soon as possible, or
  • consider that, even if the tenant or landlord is right or wrong about the facts of a complaint, they could have handled it better.

They will let you know what they decide. If the problem is still not resolved following the intervention of the designated person either they or the complainant can refer the complaint to the Ombudsman. The law says that when the designated person refers a complaint to the Ombudsman, it must be in writing.