Guide How to apply for a council or housing association property

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2. Information you need to complete your application

Please make sure you have the following information when completing your application:

  • your current address, including postcode
  • contact details of your landlord if you are renting your home
  • date of birth for everyone on your application
  • national insurance numbers for everyone over 16 years old
  • any other addresses for yourself (or any joint applicants) over the last five years, including postcode and contact details of your landlord if you were renting
  • details of any properties you own or have a financial interest in
  • the total annual income for you and anyone who needs to be housed with you
  • contact details of anyone who provides you with support (for example, social services or a voluntary agency)
  • your doctor's contact details if your health and well-being is affected by your current accommodation

Personal information provided will be used to manage and assess your application on Devon Home Choice. For more information please view the Devon Home Choice Privacy Statement here.