Commitment can be as little as 20 minutes to an hour as many times as opportunities arise throughout the year.

By joining in with these activities you can provide support and take action to make improvements to specific areas.

To register your interest in these groups contact the Communities Team on 01395 517 453 or or complete the online registration form.

Residents' Associations

A tenant/resident association is a group of people living in an area, block or street. They meet together to discuss ways to improve their community. This can include working together to find solutions to issues such as parking and anti-social behaviour. They can also have a social side, and arrange social events for the local community to enjoy, and make improvements to communal areas. If you are interested in a residents association for your local area ask your neighbours and get in touch with the communities team.

Recruitment and Selection Panel

When recruiting new staff to our Housing Service we always invite a member of this panel to sit on the interview panel. We know how important it is to include the views of our customers if we are to successfully recruit the right people into our Housing Services. Staff and residents on the interview panels are considered equal members of the recruitment process and receive the same training. All residents on the panel have received special training.

Editorial Group

The Housing Matters magazine is produced three times a year. By being part of the editorial group will you play an active role in producing and creating content for your magazine and have a say in what topics we publish. Residents will also have the opportunity to be involved in other resident related published communications. 

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a way of finding out about the actual tenant experience and the outcome is objective and measurable. It is particularly effective at investigating how staff interact with tenants and how they make tenants feel.

Resident Connect Event

It is a fun, celebratory day, and all our tenants are welcome to attend. There will be entertainment, awards and food. There will be plenty of chances to speak to staff, and information stalls where tenants can get answers to their questions and find out more about what goes on behind the scenes in a relaxed environment.